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Can I prepay for services in advance?
Yes, we offer prepaid blocks of time you may pay for in advance. These blocks of time are offered  at a discounted price. Click here to see packages.

Will I have to sign a contract?
No, you are not tied into a contract for a extended amount of time. We just ask that you give at least two weeks notice before canceling your service.

Will I have the same cleaning Professional come each time?
Yes, this is important, because you build an relationship and your cleaning  professional will know what you like and you communicate with her/him and trust is built.  Your house cleaning professional will learn what you want them to spend extra attention on, and also know not to waste any time on those tasks that are not important to you.

Why do I have to give you a key?  Can’t I just leave a back door unlocked?
It’s all about safety of your home and the safety of our cleaners.  We appreciate you trusting us with a key, and you can be assured that your key is locked up at our offices and cannot be traced back to your home.  Also, if you should ever get locked out of your house, you have a reliable way of getting back in right away free of charge -- just call us! If you do not wish to give us a key you will be asked to sign a key waiver.

What if I need to cancel a cleaning at the last minute?
We ask that you notify us as soon as possible. We will reschedule you for a time that is more convenient for you. However if this happen more than three times there Will be an $25 service charge.

What do I do with my pets on cleaning day?
We try our best to send “pet friendly” cleaning professionals so we will be happy to get to know your pets and let them get used to us.  You won’t need to lock them up on cleaning day,  But if you have a territorial or protective animal that behaves in a threatening manner when the house cleaners show up, we will discuss the matter and come up with a solution that works for all of us.  We want your pets to be happy and comfortable, but I also want my employees to be safe. 

Do you do windows?  Carpet cleaning?
We clean all windows which become dirty on a regular basis, such as sliding glass doors, front door glass panels, kitchen windows, we clean all widow that flip out etc.  But I recommend you use a professional window cleaning company at least once a year for your regular needs on windows that are not in reach.
I do not have professional carpet cleaners on staff at this time.

I have to provide the cleaning products and equipment, or do you bring them with you?
It’s your choice.  We are fully equipped to bring everything we need to thoroughly clean your home, but if you prefer to provide some or all supplies and equipment, that is fine!  It’s up to you. However we do prefer that you provide any equipment used to clean the floors such as vacuum, mop, broom steamer etc. To cut down on the spread of allergens.

Are all your cleaning products environmentally friendly?
We are happy to perform your cleaning service using whatever products you prefer.  Some clients want only ‘green’ or natural products; other clients LOVE the smell of  LySol.  So, again, we gladly provide whatever products you want us to use.  We typically use off-the-shelf cleaning products that our clients tell us they like.

What do I do if I’m not satisfied with a cleaning job?
Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, because it ensures repeat business and referrals.  It is VERY important that you let us know even the most minor concern you have with our service.  We are committed to making it right.  We are so dedicated to this that we will actually contact you and ASK you to tell us what we missed, so that we can make it right and continue to improve our service level for you.
If you notice ANYTHING about your cleaning that you aren’t happy with, please contact us immediately.  We will make it right!

would it be important to me that your cleaning staff are ‘bonded’?
This means that I provide assurance that if anything valuable in your home gets broken, ruined or otherwise compromised while we are on the premises, that we can afford to take care of it for you -- without going bankrupt or having legal issues arise.

What if one of your cleaners breaks something in my house?
Our cleaning staff is trained to contact the owner immediately if something breaks.  As the owner of the company, I will go to your home as soon as possible and meet with you to determine the best remedy.  This can include replacement or repair, your choice, at our cost.

Will I pay extra because I have pets that shed a lot of fur?
Yes, you will pay a little extra for that, because we will spend extra time at each cleaning vacuuming furniture, curtains, etc.  Other things that will usually cost extra are:  dusting lots of curios and collectibles.

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